DIY Tassel Strands

This month we decorated the front store window with a colourful paper tassel strand. They are really popular at the moment for party decorations and for decorating around the home, some images below we found on Pinterest, provide great inspiration for colour combinations you can try! (Click the image for the links) 


1. Select your colours, each tassel is made from 2 x 1/4 of a page of tissue paper. So you will need to fold your sheet of tissue paper into quarters, cut two, and place them one over the other. 

2. Fold them in half so that you now have 4 layers,  with the fold at the top, begin to cut 1cm strips into all layers at the same time, stopping approx 3cm from the folded edge. (Tip, use your left hand to keep the tissue layers flat, it helps keeping the cuts straight) 

3. Now unfold the layers, so you now have two layers of tissue, fringed at both ends. 

4. Use as a crazy hair wig!

5. Begin to fold the long edge of the two layers of tissue paper in 1cm intervals. 

6. Now that your tissue paper is all folded up it is ready to wrap around your ribbon, or as I later decided fishing line. Place the center of the tassel around the ribbon, and wrap the two fringed ends around one another. To secure you can use sticky tape of glue, I have left them without either, and they still keep their place. 

7. Now just repeat the process as many times as you need to fill your ribbon/fishing line. Easy!

Hope you enjoy making them and creating a unique, inexpensive decoration for your child's party or room, please post any photos you take to our Facebook we would love to see! 

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